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  • Shelby Company

    Made in Birmingham.

    (Vip) Malucou is guild leader of Shelby Company.
    The guild was founded on Refugia on 1 July 2020.

    Guild Members
    Rank Name and Title
    the Peaky Blinder
    (Vip) Malucou
    Level: 5195 Supremo Guerreiro
    a Peaky Blinder
    (Vip) Rusha Solino
    Level: 5218 Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Stoned
    Level: 5065 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
    Peaky Blinder
    (Vip) Joaotreze
    Level: 2013 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Lux
    Level: 4021 VIP Mago Das Trevas
    (Vip) No Pain No Gain
    Level: 4918 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Trem Louco
    Level: 4637 Arqueio Dos Deuses

    Guild Statistic
    Type Value
    Number of Members in Guild
    Number of Members Online in Guild
    Total Level in guild
    Avg Level in guild
    Lowest Level in guild
    (Vip) Joaotreze
    Highest Level in guild
    (Vip) Rusha Solino
    Number of Invited Members

    Invited Characters
    No invited characters found.