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  • Old School

    Lider: (Vip) Foldi
    Conquistado: (Vip) Kawk
  • Infinity Darkness

    You Will Find Your Death in The Dark!!

    (Vip) Midoria is guild leader of Infinity Darkness.
    The guild was founded on Refugia on 19 November 2017.

    Guild Members
    Rank Name and Title
    Dark King
    (Vip) Midoria
    Level: 4030 Supremo Guerreiro
    Dark Lord
    (Vip) Fosfito
    Level: 3606 Supremo Guerreiro
    Dark General
    (Vip) Demolidor
    Level: 2000 Arqueio Dos Deuses

    Guild Statistic
    Type Value
    Number of Members in Guild
    Number of Members Online in Guild
    Total Level in guild
    Avg Level in guild
    Lowest Level in guild
    (Vip) Demolidor
    Highest Level in guild
    (Vip) Midoria
    Number of Invited Members

    Invited Characters
    (Vip) Mago Sir Costa