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  • Old School

    New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

    (Vip) Foldi is guild leader of Old School.
    The guild was founded on Refugia on 7 November 2018.

    Guild Members
    Rank Name and Title
    the Leader
    (Vip) Fear Of The Dark
    Level: 5000 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Foldi
    Level: 2393 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    a Vice-Leader
    (Vip) Houkz Sk
    Level: 5302 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Mage Of Lord
    Level: 3647 Supremo Guerreiro
    a Member
    (Vip) Atura Ou Surta
    Level: 3142 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Cuca
    Level: 100 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Eu Nao Sei
    Level: 4177 Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Hellbk
    Level: 4503 Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Kawk
    Level: 4733 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
    (Vip) New Traveco
    Level: 100 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Shorks
    Level: 4545 Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) Sir Supreme
    Level: 3834 Supremo Guerreiro
    (Vip) The Protector
    Level: 3475 Arqueio Dos Deuses
    (Vip) Tinoco
    Level: 4562 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses

    Guild Statistic
    Type Value
    Number of Members in Guild
    Number of Members Online in Guild
    Total Level in guild
    Avg Level in guild
    Lowest Level in guild
    (Vip) Cuca
    Highest Level in guild
    (Vip) Houkz Sk
    Number of Invited Members

    Invited Characters
    (Vip) Fnc Meliodas