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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

(Vip) Dylan is guild leader of Instinto.
The guild was founded on Refugia on 9 July 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
the Leader
(Vip) Dylan
Level: 5054 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Sr Dylan
Level: 3791 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
a Vice-Leader
(Vip) Anjel
Level: 5468 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
a Member
(Vip) Eu Nao Sei
Level: 4503 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Hellsun
Level: 4600 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Kina Kina
Level: 4702 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Lapis
Level: 4359 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Lola
Level: 3938 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Lordd Tibiana
Level: 2673 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Lospo
Level: 4493 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Medici
Level: 3540 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Orey
Level: 2419 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Pelo Macio
Level: 4229 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Pizza
Level: 3202 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Red Luffy
Level: 4485 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Shisui
Level: 4692 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Sir Supreme
Level: 3558 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Ysachi
Level: 4188 VIP Supremo Guerreiro

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Number of Members in Guild
Number of Members Online in Guild
Total Level in guild
Avg Level in guild
Lowest Level in guild
(Vip) Orey
Highest Level in guild
(Vip) Anjel
Number of Invited Members

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

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