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TOP: (Vip) Steroid (6334)                     Total de Mortes: 131259


By reason or force.

(Vip) Sir Smurf is guild leader of Supremacy.
The guild was founded on Refugia on 14 July 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
the Leader
(Vip) Sir Smurf
Level: 1095 VIP Druida Das Sombras
a Vice-Leader
(Vip) Child Of The Revolution
Level: 1405 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Dark Lord
Level: 603 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Encore
Level: 3136 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Fudencio Demonlight
Level: 1675 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Gemidao Do Zap
Level: 1980 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Senhora Sindy
Level: 2602 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
a Member
(Vip) Digo
Level: 2492 VIP Druida Das Sombras
(Vip) Edo Tensei
Level: 2714 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Fernanda Brixner
Level: 1059 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Kaleu Das Trevas
Level: 3021 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Mage Of Trevours
Level: 2182 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Malandrinho
Level: 1767 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Rachiel
Level: 2020 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Rin
Level: 1572 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Secker
Level: 2094 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Serjao Berranteiro
Level: 2216 VIP Mago Das Trevas
(Vip) Sizelleenn
Level: 2186 VIP Supremo Guerreiro
(Vip) Snoop Dog
Level: 1957 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Vampira
Level: 2981 VIP Arqueiro Dos Deuses
(Vip) Wildsnake
Level: 1705 VIP Druida Das Sombras

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Number of Members in Guild
Number of Members Online in Guild
Total Level in guild
Avg Level in guild
Lowest Level in guild
(Vip) Dark Lord
Highest Level in guild
(Vip) Encore
Number of Invited Members

Invited Characters
(Vip) Fox
(Vip) Kami

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