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How I Met Your Mother

Dinheiro no bolso, Deus no coração, Familia unida e Champanhe pros irmão!

Joker Psy is guild leader of How I Met Your Mother.
The guild was founded on Refugia on 1 October 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
the Leader
Joker Psy
Level: 5644 Supremo Guerreiro
Level: 5287 Supremo Guerreiro
Trem Louco
Level: 5047 Supremo Guerreiro
a Member
Chapolim Colorado
Level: 4724 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Daenery Targaryen
Level: 3126 Mago Das Trevas
Electron Darkness
Level: 5513 Supremo Guerreiro
Level: 4588 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Level: 4122 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Lucifer Morningstar
Level: 4559 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Mithy Loucao
Level: 4881 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Level: 5008 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Mulher Maravilha
Level: 1696 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Nathalia Luna
Level: 1384 Arqueio Dos Deuses
New Traveco
Level: 5148 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Prison Break
Level: 4415 Mago Das Trevas
Robin Scherbatsky
Level: 2981 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Level: 5661 Arqueio Dos Deuses
Sasa De Delem
Level: 5675 Supremo Guerreiro
Level: 4397 Arqueio Dos Deuses

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Number of Members in Guild
Number of Members Online in Guild
Total Level in guild
Avg Level in guild
Lowest Level in guild
Nathalia Luna
Highest Level in guild
Sasa De Delem
Number of Invited Members

Invited Characters
Bang Bless

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